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Membership Agreement

 To apply for Membership or Select courses please go to the Online Membership System.



Whilst U3A Mornington and its Tutors take all care when conducting classes, members attend these classes at their own risk.

 Members undertaking exercise classes agree to take responsibility for:

  • Performing exercise within the limitations set by their doctor
  • Notifying the class leader immediately if they feel unwell or pain develops during the class

Communication with Members

By providing an email address to U3A Mornington, members accept that this will be the primary method of communication between U3AM and the member.  Members are asked to check their emails on a regular basis. Please remember to advise U3AM if your email changes.

Those members with an email address, but who still require printed copies of notices and newsletters, should contact the office, stating the reason for requesting hard copies.  All such requests will be fairly treated.  If hard copies are to be provided, members are asked to collect them from the Office.

However, in the light of costs involved in printing and the work involved for our volunteers, we do encourage people to use email wherever possible.  

Code of Conduct

It is an expectation that all members, volunteers and tutors of U3A Mornington agree to the following code of conduct.

 1.  Participate in U3A Mornington activities in a friendly and positive way at all times.

 2.   Deal in an honest and ethical manner with U3A Mornington, its members and other related organisations.

 3.   Show respect, courtesy and consideration to everyone you deal with in U3A Mornington, related organisations and the general public in  relation to U3A activities.

 4.   Wear your current membership badge at all times when attending any course or function of U3A Mornington.

 5.   Assist with the conduct of classes, serving of refreshments, or administration if requested to do so by a tutor or committee member.

 6.   Be punctual and reliable in attending U3A Mornington classes/events/office rosters or other commitments; and forewarn of unavoidable absences, withdrawals from         classes, events, or volunteer commitments.

 7.   Observe strict confidentiality regarding organisational and members’ personal information to which you may have access; never disclosing contact details of any U3A             Mornington member or tutor to anyone without their permission.

 8.   Avoid all forms of discriminatory behaviour in regard to nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, age and mental or physical disability.

 9.   Avoid behaviour that is inappropriate, disruptive or intimidating, such as would breach the rights of other persons to participate in a class/event or to carry out their         designated role.

 10. Participate safely in each class or activity and abide by any reasonable directive or prerequisite specified by the tutor or event organiser for that participation.

 11. Refrain from activities or comments that promote a personal business/cause or that would place others in a vulnerable situation either financially, physically or       psychologically.





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